The enterprise insists on giving top priority to enhancing environmental protection, creating a green and harmonious environment and benefiting society, and effectively utilizing resources and resources of the company. Protect the environment, improve the quality and level of economic growth, and promote the rapid and good development of enterprises. Over the past few years, Hongxin has taken a new sustainable industrialization path in the development of circular economy from the actual enterprise. The company has completed and put into operation 3m2/h waste acid treatment project and 85t/h comprehensive waste water treatment plant, which can treat the waste hydrochloric acid, waste water and cold rolled products generated by the company. The VOC exhaust gas treatment equipment can purify the exhaust gas and protect the environment.

New process of waste acid recycling - cryocrystallization method

To achieve waste acid plant priority, three process keys must be overcome. One is to ensure the quality of the regenerated acid, that is, it must be ensured that the content of regenerated acid Fe is less than 50 g/L, H.SO. content in the About 20%, so as to complete the pickling workshop pickling steel pipe process requirements; Second, to ensure that the attached product FeSo. Improve, in order to expand the market sales channels; Third, to ensure that the pickling workshop and waste acid treatment water balance. Any of the three difficulties are not resolved, will make the whole system into a failure.

Ltd. is a steel pipe manufacturer with an annual output of 300,000 tons, our company will be the evaporation of the original waste acid treatment facility. The concentration process is transformed into a new process of freeze crystallization, the new process is based on the principle that the FeSo. in the waste acid in the high acidity and low sulfuric acidity of FeSo. As the solubility of Feso decreases with temperature, the Feso in the waste acid is separated and anhydrous Feso, Feso, and Feso are produced. The waste acid from the pickling tank is transported through the ABS pipeline to the waste acid storage tank. The waste acid from the pickling tank is transported to the waste acid storage tank through the ABS pipeline by the acid pump, and the impurities are removed by precipitation. Pump the acid to the acid mixing tank with an acid pump, add fresh acid and mix the acid to a concentration of about 20%, then pump the acid to the cooling crystallization tank for mixing. When the crystals are mature, they will be transported to the centrifuge for solid-liquid separation, and the separated FeSO4 particles will be packed and sold. The acid wash flows into a regenerative acid tank for production recycling.

The operational effects of this environmental process show that:

(i) The concentration of the isolated regenerated acid was 20%, and the Fe content was less than 50 g/L;

(ii)The purity of the separated Feso is increased from 92% to 95%;

(iii)The recycled acid is recycled to the pickling process by pump, which achieves water balance and realizes the closed cycle.

The new process of waste acid recycling in steel pipe production enterprises is technically advanced in China, and the implementation of this process can realize the production of the enterprise. Closed large cycle, to achieve full treatment and zero emissions, and no secondary pollution. The implementation of the new process improves the purity of the attached products, thus increasing the sales price, broadening the use of the products, and smooth the product marketing. The economic benefits are significantly increased, and at the same time, it will bring new industrial pivot points to the enterprise to achieve the purpose of turning waste into treasure.

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